Costume Designer for film project UNKNOWN set in 1947 USA.

Costume House Wellenstein in Berlin

Sewing, accessory creation, pearl stitching and model dressing for Designer DANNY REINKE in Berlin

Haute Couture stitching, pattern cutting and model dressing for Luxury Fashion designer KRISTIAN AADNEVIK London.

Visual Merchandiser MANGO in London, BERSHKA in Berlin.

Curtain Maker at SINCLAIR INTERIORS London.

Living my dream in Berlin and London, exploring these cities, taking advantage of the museums, cinemas, exhibitions, fairs, vintage and charity shops, surrounding myself with beautiful things, always on the hunt for new inspirations.

Enthusiastic about – Treasure Hunting – Film – Costumes – Textile – Theatre – Psychology – Psychology of Fashion – Personal Style – Visual Merchandising – Upcycling – Optimizing – Sewing – Crafting – Creating


Please get in touch: maike.igelmann@ekiam.de